Senior React Frontend Developer

Worldwide, Remote

We are looking for React Frontend Developers who will be responsible for developing the user side of our agent management product and improving the user experience. They will need to collaborate with the design and development teams to create web applications. The candidate must be able to build testable, reusable, and scalable applications.

The backend is developed in RUST and is accessible via REST APIs.


  • Be the core member of our new UI development team

  • Develop the agent management UI

  • Write reusable, effective, and scalable JavaScript code

  • Build modular and reusable components and libraries

  • Implement front-end components with the React framework

  • Translate the product requirements and design into code

  • Test, update, and optimize the application for performance and security


  •  At least 3+ years of experience in React and object-oriented programming

  •  Proficiency in JavaScript language

  •  Strong understanding of the React framework and its core principles

  •  Familiarity with the React ecosystem

  •  Working experience with HTML5, CSS3 and CSS3

  •  Git experience

  •  Experience with Node + npm

  •  Redux experience 

  •  Ability to write efficient, secure, clean, and scalable JavaScript code

  •  Knowledge of server-side rendering

We have the position with two different targets:

  • UI: The application will be expected to handle hundreds of thousands of agents with relatively few users.

  • SaaS: The application will be expected to handle thousands of customers through their journey from purchase and enrollment through the operation. It will tie the user interfaces of multiple internally developed products together, creating one unified SaaS system.