Project Manager

Your job as a Project Manager / Software Development Manager at NXLog would be working with the team to ensure people are making progress and the project milestones can be completed on time. As we are a remote-only company, the challenge is to work with people spread across different time zones without being able to speak with them in person by using modern communication tools.

The ideal candidate would possess the following qualifications:

  • Project management experience in software development (QA, testing, release management, etc).is a must

  • Critical thinking and leadership capabilities.

  • Strong people management skills and proven experience

  • Experience with developer centric project management and issue tracking tools. Github and GitLab preferred.

  • Ability to create reports, schedules and communicate well with stakeholders.

  • Excellent time management skills.

  • Good communication skills: async mode should not pose a problem.

  • Remote work experience.

  • Fluent English.