Lead Technical Writer

Worldwide, Remote

The Lead Technical Writer is responsible for the production and enhancement of high-quality documentation for the NXLog product lines. This leader is also responsible to ensure that Technical Writers are cognisant of good practices regarding the design, development, and maintenance of the NXLog documentation.

Required Tasks and activities: 

  • Research, design, and development of NXLOG documentation

  • Daily committing of work to the Gitlab repository 

  • Daily update of development activities in Jira 

  • Scope, discussions, lead reviews, and merge requests

  • Providing feedback on the Jira issue description 

  • Providing feedback via scope discussions 

  • Providing direction via documentation reviews 

  • Merging code and providing feedback 

  • Planning and team learnings, planning sessions, and retrospective

  • Providing guidance in planning for documentation 

  • Providing data on the performance of writers in retrospective – number of reviews problems that were occurring – how can we improve 

  • Refinement of issues with the Head of Product Management, Product Managers, and Project Managers 

  • Research new technology, performance testing, working with DevOps and Support

  • Liaising with DevOps on environments needed for writing 

  • Working with Support on high-profile urgent issues where required



  • Leadership – Lead by example

  • Schedule intervention after 3 or more document reviews. 

  • Communications - Feedback on reviews, scope discussion – constructive and clear direction as per our standard processes 

  • Communications - Working with Head of Technical Publication and Project Manager to help refine issues


  • Provide examples of standardization of work – the lead’s issues contain scope description, approach breakdown, and clear and clean documentation with reasons why the direction was chosen 

  • Daily update of reports - allowing teams to see progress 

Time management: 

  • Documentation Reviews, Scope Discussions, Merging

  • Development of own issues

Technology/ Innovation: 

  • Create plans with the Project Manager on a number of documentation-specific issues such as whitepaper and blog articles we can deliver per month. Plan ahead for three months.

  • Work with the project manager to break down the type of work 

  • Communication with sales, support, and marketing 

  • Provide an induction day or two for new people when they start – set of tasks is ready 

  • Working with DevOps to improve test environments and setups for writers (if needed)



  • as an IT professional specifically in networking, application development, or DevOps. 

  • Impeccable command of the English language both spoken and written 

  • Experience with creating white papers, blogs, and help guides – having their own blog or contributing to networking and IT publications is advantageous 

  • in a similar position min. 3-5 years

  • with modern documentation formats (asciidoc, docbook, markdown) 

  • with version control and Git 

  • Sysadmin or DevOps skills on Linux and Windows 

  • with log management tools and SIEM products (QRadar, ArcSight, Splunk, Snare, syslogd, Logstash, Kafka, Scribe, ELK, Graylog, etc.) 

  • with *BSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, MacOS 

Qualification: MCSE, Comp TIA, Linux administrator 

Competencies: quick learner, eager to understand new technologies, keen to create technical content, good writing skills

Language: Excellent English skills (both oral and written) 

IT knowledge: system administrator skills