C++ Developer

The C Developer performs research, analysis and evaluation of existing or new software applications and operating system needs, and deals with the design, development, testing and maintenance of software solutions that meet these needs.


  • C++ development experience under Windows/Linux/Unix,

  • Good understanding and practical experience of modern C++ (C++11 and later)

  • Familiar with open source developer tools such as gcc, autoconf, automake, cmake, gnu make, valgrind, git, svn, etc.,

  • Previously worked with various libary APIs (libc, openssl, apache apr, expat, boost, pcre, etc.),

  • Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with NOSQL and RDBMs solutions

  • Scripting languages: shell, perl or python,

  • Multithreaded programming knowledge,

  • Crypto, SSL/TLS, PKI,

  • Network protocols on user and programming level,

  • Secure coding practices,

  • Development experience with distributed systems,

  • Good English skills,

  • Masters degree in Information Technology or similar