C++ Developer


  • C++ development experience under Windows/Linux/Unix,

  • Good understanding and practical experience of modern C++ (C++11 and later)

  • Familiar with open source developer tools such as gcc, autoconf, automake, cmake, gnu make, valgrind, git, svn, etc.,

  • Previously worked with various libary APIs (libc, openssl, apache apr, expat, boost, pcre, etc.),

  • Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with NOSQL and RDBMs solutions

  • Scripting languages: shell, perl or python,

  • Multithreaded programming knowledge,

  • Crypto, SSL/TLS, PKI,

  • Network protocols on user and programming level,

  • Secure coding practices,

  • Development experience with distributed systems,

  • Good English skills,

  • Masters degree in Information Technology or similar